It is important to have an open line of communication with your representative. If elected Councilman of the 11th District and I will respond in a timely manner. I will address your concerns and start working with you right away on accomplishing a resolution to your problem.


We are fortunate in the 11th District to have strong neighborhoods worthy of keeping safe from crime. Compared to the rest of Nashville, the Hermitage and Old Hickory area is in the middle as it pertains to the crime rate, but that is not enough if you have been a victim or violated by a crime. I will support community policing and I will encourage the Mayor and Chief of Police to add more police to our neighborhoods. I will ask the Chief of Police to retain good responsive police officers. I will further encourage neighborhood watch programs for each and every neighborhood and work with Sgt. White at the Hermitage Precinct to implement them. As you may know, the new Madison Precinct will have a new crime lab to assist in detection of crime and produce a quicker process to solving those crimes.


Education is vital to the future of this country. The best gift you can give your child is an education. From pre-school to higher education, our public school system must be supported to accomplish the goal of producing competitive graduates with the rest of the country. We must invest in our schools. In an era of fiscal responsibility and the cutting of social services, we must ensure that the public school system endures for all working families wanting their children to receive the best education afforded to them at no cost. I will work with the Board of Education and focus on improving the system, including our schools in District 11 to better prepare our children for High School and other higher educational opportunities.Our schools in District 11 include:

· Andrew Jackson Elementary School
· DuPont Elementary School
· DuPont Hadley Middle School
· DuPont Tyler Middle School
· Tulip Grove Elementary School

I am especially proud of McGavock High School and its accomplishments over the last few years. It demonstrates what can be done to improve public schools when there is involvement by parents, the community, and organizations such as the chamber of commerce. I will also encourage more involvement by the parents and community to continue to help our schools be the best in the Metro area.


A City Councilman holding public office must also seek the public trust and be transparent. Whenever the public perceives a conflict between the private interests and the public duties of a city councilman, that confidence is imperiled. A Metro councilman holds the duty both to provide citizens with standards by which they may determine that the clear and consistent public duties are faithfully performed, and to appraise the behavior which is expected of a city councilman while conducting services on behalf of the people. I currently abide by ethical standards as a practicing attorney, and I promise to embrace standards of ethical conduct and abide by the above statements.

Fiscal Responsibility

Metro government should always be able to use its tax-and-spend policy to fight short-term economic difficulties. But the policy of borrow and spend is an irresponsible one. With a nearly 1.8 billion dollar budget, Nashville can live well within its means. We must focus on infrastructure and neighborhoods, especially in District 11. I will strive to increase Nashville’s municipal bond rating to make our city a safe investment for capital projects and expansion. Taxes should never be raised without citizen confirmation. We can and should all work together to make our city an economically healthy one, but live within our means. This enormous responsibility must be approached with innovative ideas to keep taxes to a minimum but secure our right to services and amenities we deserve.

Tradition in the 21st Century

Nashville is a charming city with wonderful traditions passed down from generation to generation. Nashville is also a growing and thriving city in the 21st Century. The ability to weigh the two is not an easy one to bridge, but rest assured, I will vote to protect the tradition and history of Nashville, and especially District 11, without sacrificing the values of a progressive city of the South. These two philosophies should be balanced for the public good. I will further strive to assure the citizens of our District that any developments are in conformity with their wishes. This will ensure the protection of historic areas while enhancing and protecting property value in our area.


We are fortunate in our District to have three golf courses enhanced by Old Hickory Lake and the Cumberland River. In addition, the home of President Andrew Jackson enhances our history and the desirability to live in District 11. I will strive and continue to help finish the Crooked Branch Park to add to the amenities in this area. These assets add to the district’s success for all neighborhoods and businesses. I will support all youth sports programs and assist in the development of our children’s health and welfare.


I have worked hard all my life in school and prior employments including as an attorney now. I will work hard for you if elected to this position. I thank you for your support and would appreciate your vote of confidence.